leafjoy littles™ Turquoise Tentacles™ (Curio ficoides) - New Proven Winners® Product 2024

leafjoy littles™  Turquoise Tentacles™ (Curio ficoides) - New Proven Winners® Product 2024

leafjoy littles™ Turquoise Tentacles™ (Curio ficoides) - New Proven Winners® Product 2024

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Height8 - 16 In

Add a sensational succulent to your collection with leafjoy littles™ Turquoise Tentacles™! This South African native resembles an underwater treasure with striking blue-green coloration and fleshy, tentacle-like leaves. Place it in a sunny window and leave its powdery bloom coating untouched for a unique addition to your home.

  • 8-16 inches tall at maturity
  • Prefers low humidity with temperatures between 60-85 F
  • Requires bright direct or indirect light for much of the day, typically a south facing window
  • Would make a great addition to Bright Spaces, Desktops, and Windowsills
  • Keep away from pets 

Care Information

  • For optimal performance, keep your Succulent at 60-85°F (15-29°C). 
  • Succulents love sunlight, and will perform best in a bright, sunny location that receives 4-6 hours of sunlight per day.  A windowsill or position with sunny southern exposure is ideal. 
  • If your succulent is getting leggy or leaning to one side, it is stretching for sunlight. Move it to a brighter location and rotate your plant regularly to ensure even growth.
  • Succulents are drought-tolerant, and prefer to dry out in between waterings. 
  • Feed your Succulent once per month at half strength when it is actively growing. Reduce frequency of fertilization in the winter months. 
  • Protect furniture when watering & fertilizing.
  • Succulents grow best in a Cactus & Succulent Soil Mix or in all-purpose potting mix with added sand and perlite to ensure sharp drainage.


  • 3.5 in. Potted Houseplants are 2-5 in. tall at shipment, varies by season and plant
  • Must choose at least 4 leafjoy® littles™

*Disclaimer - Protect furniture when watering. Not for human or animal consumption, harmful to pets*



  • Height: Short
  • Height: 8 - 16 In
  • Habit: Upright
  • Container Role: Thriller
  • Foliage Color: Green
  • Plant Type: HousePlant
  • Harmful to: Pets
  • Light Requirements: High
  • Watering Requirements: Average
  • Humidity Level: Low
  • Needs Drainage: Yes
  • Soil Type: Succulent Mix

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