pre-order wintergreens 25% off! | FREE Shipping $45+

pre-order wintergreens 25% off! | FREE Shipping $45+

Hi, We’re Proven Winners Direct

Yep, that's where we work!

Our team members have two important things in common- we love people and we love plants. We take joy in helping people through every stage of the plant-buying and gardening process.

Located in Carleton, MI, Proven Winners Direct is the #1 supplier of Proven Winners® plants in the U.S. Our display garden is replanted every year to test and showcase new varieties. We just love strolling through the garden!

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How We Help

We help passionate gardeners, beginners, and those who just love being outside find Proven Winners plants with the ease of online shopping and direct shipping.

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How We're Different

We have 30 Acres of greenhouse and we pull only the freshest, best-looking plants to ship to our customers.

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