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leafjoy littles™ Beautifall® N'Joy Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) - New Proven Winners® Product 2024

leafjoy littles™ Beautifall® N&
leafjoy littles™ Beautifall® N&
leafjoy littles™ Beautifall® N&
leafjoy littles™ Beautifall® N&
leafjoy littles™ Beautifall® N&
2 reviews

leafjoy littles™ Beautifall® N'Joy Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) - New Proven Winners® Product 2024

leafjoy littles™️ must be purchased in multiples of 4.
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Height6 - 108 in
Introducing the New Proven Winners® leafjoy littles™! Available in irresistible 3.5-inch containers, leafjoy littles make it easier than ever to grow your love (and your collection!) of indoor plants. 

Beautifall® N'Joy Pothos has beautifully variegated foliage that is a blended rich green and warm cream color with a slightly thinner shape than a typical pothos leaf. Pothos is well known as one of the most resilient houseplants for adapting to watering schedules and thriving in a variety of lighting situations. These plants can be grown in hanging baskets or on shelves where they can cascade down, in a pot where they're trained to stay tidy, or even as a climber if provided with support such as a moss pole or trellis. A great choice for gifting or beginners just starting out in the world of indoor plants - this low-maintenance pothos will provide the perfect combination of color and easy-going care!
  • 6-8 inches tall and 6-108 inches trailing at maturity
  • Prefers average to high humidity with temperatures between 60-85 F
  • Thrives in bright to medium light, adaptable to nearly any light condition, eastern or western windows are ideal
  • Maintains spade-shaped, variegated rich green and warm cream leaves on vines that climb or trail many feet depending on how they're grown
  • Great for nearly any room with a window, bright spaces, south-facing rooms, eastern or western facing windows, compact spaces, shelves, hanging baskets
  • Vigorous growth, variegated foliage, low-light tolerant, drought tolerant, vining/trailing habit
  • Keep away from pets and children, toxic if ingested or consumed

Care Information

  • Temperature: For optimal performance, keep at 60-85°F (15-29°C).
  • Light: Epipremnum are versatile plants and they will do well in a variety of light levels. Growth will be stronger in bright indiret light (eastern or western windows are ideal).
  • Water: Water when the top 1-2 inches of the soil is dry, although it can tolerate drought conditions and is very forgiving, aim for consistency for the best results.
  • Placement: These plants have a vining habit; support with moss pole to grow upwards or allow to trail down from a basket or over ledges. If you support with a moss pole where the roots can grow into sphagnum moss (or another support structure), the leaves will get progressively larger.
  • Soil: Add some perlite to your potting mix to provide better drainage and an airier medium.
  • Growing: Feed once per month at half strength when plant is actively growing.


  • 3.5 in. Potted Houseplants are 2-5 in. tall at shipment, varies by season and plant
  • Must choose at least 4 leafjoy® littles™

*Disclaimer - Protect furniture when watering. Not for human or animal consumption, harmful to pets*



  • Height: Medium
  • Height: 6 - 108 in
  • Habit: Climbing Trailing
  • Container Role: Spiller
  • Foliage Color: Green
  • Foliage Color: White
  • Plant Type: HousePlant
  • Harmful to: Pets
  • Light Requirements: High to Low
  • Watering Requirements: Average
  • Humidity Level: High
  • Needs Drainage: Yes
  • Soil Type: Indoor Potting Soil

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Janet Z.
United States United States


Absolutely awesome! So very very more than perfect! I cannot thank you enough

Susan A.
United States United States

Pothos plant

I love my Leafjoy LITTLES! I received four different plants. All came in good condition and are thriving. I plan to buy more.


Proven Winners Direct

Thank you for sharing!! We're happy to hear that you are enjoying your plants. :)

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