Planting for Year Round Color 🌺🍂🌲

How to Choose Plants for Seasonal Color:

How do you plant up your garden so that there is color year-round? Is that even possible? Yes, it is! The key to success is to buy plants based on keywords, such as: “continuous blooms” or “reblooming,” “fall interest,” “winter interest,” and “bloom time.” It may take some imagination if you are purchasing a plant that is not in bloom, but we have you covered. We take photos of our plants all year round and provide as much detail as possible on our plant tags to help our customers make informed decisions. Make sure that plants purchased are hardy in your zone before purchasing.


Spring Bloomers:

Many gardeners buy favorite varieties that only bloom in the summer, but it’s important to remember spring bloomers, as well. Not only do you receive earlier enjoyment from their beauty and fragrance, you help pollinators kick off the season with a buffet of flowers filled with appealing nectar.

Consider the following for your spring show:

Deutzias: Yuki Cherry Blossom®
Lilacs: Bloomerang® Dark Purple Lilac, Baby Kim™
Weigelas: Czechmark Trilogy®, Sonic Bloom Red®

Summer Bloomers:

It’s time for those colorful, show-stopping, garden party-ers to arrive and shine. These are your “continuous” and “reblooming” summer bloom time varieties. There are so many colors and varieties of plants- take your pick!

Consider the following for your summer display:

Roses: At Last®, Oso Easy® Italian Ice®, Oso Easy Lemon Zest®
Hydrangeas:  Fire Light®, Limelight®, Bobo®
Hibiscus: Blue Chiffon®, Purple Satin®, Sugar Tip®

Fall Interest:

Don’t rely on just your trees this year for fall color. Bring that color to another level- shrub level that is! Many plants end on a high note of fall color with beautiful, vibrant foliage and berries.  Make the most of the seasonal spectacle with additional fall interest.


Consider the following for fall interest:

Beautyberry: Pearl Glam®
Euonymous: Fire Ball® Burning Bush
Hydrangea: Gatsby Moon® Oakleaf

Winter Interest:

There’s never a time where we appreciate our evergreens more than in winter. Our once color saturated eyes can now focus on the subtle hues peeking out from under crisp, white snow. Evergreens also provide structure and a stable backdrop during other seasons, as well. You really can’t go wrong with these consistent beauties.

Consider the following for winter interest:

Arborvitaes/Thujas: Polar Gold®, North Pole®, Tater Tot®
Boxwood: Sprinter®
False Cypress: Pinpoint® Blue

How to Arrange Plants for Seasonal Color:

Now that you’ve purchased your plants for a year-round colorful display, it’s time to think about where to place them in your garden. For the best result, incorporate them throughout your garden so there are no holes or spots where color is not present. Reference the plants’ tags for bloom time, spacing, and light requirements to ensure your plants are set up for a successful season.

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