The Benefits of Using Fresh Wintergreens for Holiday Decorating

‘Tis the season for cozy nights cuddling on the couch, lights twinkling outside your window, and the calming scent of fresh cedar wafting through the air. When decorating with fresh greens for the holidays, you not only get to enjoy the natural scents of holiday joy, but there is also an added touch of magic that flows through your home. The benefits of decorating with fresh greens go beyond smell, through your heart and into memories of the past steeped in tradition. Read more to find out how.  

The Mental Health Benefits of Fresh Greens 

In many regions of the United States, the holidays are a time when staying

indoors is much preferred over being outside because of the wintry weather conditions. Not only do winter greens give us a chance to enjoy the outdoors from inside our warm homes, but they also can benefit our mental health during this time.  

Many studies show that spending time in nature can reduce stress and anxiety, while promoting connection and grounding. The same goes for when you bring plants indoors. Studies show that adding natural elements to your home can reduce stress and even blood pressure and heart rates. It also increases productivity, creativity, and your overall mental well-being and health. What better way to care for your family and guests by offering an atmosphere rooted in tranquility and positivity? 

Using Fresh Greens is Steeped in Tradition 

Since the 1700s, the use of fresh greens to decorate during the holidays has been a tradition families continue to enjoy. United States’ Southerners started the tradition in the colonial days, and the North began to take part later in the 1800s. At that time, churches were elaborately decorated with garlands and wreaths hanging from the ceilings, the walls and even the roof. Homes were modestly decorated with greenery lining the windows.  

Whether this is a tradition your family has had for years or one you might consider adding to your own family traditions, it is another way to gather with family and enjoy each other’s company as you decorate the home. Not only are you connecting with each other, but you also connect with nature and memories of the past.  

A Chance to Get Creative

 An exciting aspect of decorating with fresh greens is the opportunity to

create your own unique garland, wreaths, and swag. With the items we offer, you can design your own holiday looks by adding berries, ornaments, cinnamon sticks and more to our fresh holiday greens. Choose from our natural selection of wreaths and garlands or feel inspired by choosing a wreath with berries and a bow. Whatever your preference, you can “Do It Yourself” and have fun adding your own holiday flair to your decorations this season. 

The Specific Greens We Use and Their Advantages 

Throughout our wintergreen offerings you will find Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Northern Cedar, and White Pine. These greens are sustainably sourced from the natural landscape of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and handmade into wreaths, garlands, and swag locally in Southeastern Michigan. 

Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir have lovely, sweet-smelling needles, whereas the White Pine and Northern Cedar keep them balanced with their less fragrant attributes. These greens are known to retain moisture and keep their needles intact, lasting the whole holiday season if properly cared for; a light spritz of water here and there will improve their quality and quantity of life. What is more, Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir and Northern Cedar can hold heavier ornaments and trinkets, while the White Pine adds an airy touch of green, creating movement and depth in your decorations.  

There is something so special about decorating for the holidays. It is how we prepare for the season ahead, connect with our family and friends, and express ourselves by bringing to light the things we love about the season and its traditions. Consider bringing even more holiday magic into your home with fresh greens and enjoy the benefits of sharing them with the people you love. You can browse our holiday offerings by clicking here. 

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