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one day only save 28% on annuals & perennials! | FREE Shipping $45+

Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home🌲🤔💡

November 20, 2020

When winter welcomes us with its snow brushed trees, and lush winter greens, we can bring the joy of this season indoors. Creating home décor from your foraged greens is a great way to get creative and enjoy your garden even when you can’t do so outdoors. Undecorated wintergreens are like a blank canvas, full of possibilities but can be a little intimidating. Not to worry! We've got your inspiration right here. 

We've asked some of our favorite social media influencers to decorate their homes with our wintergreens and their beautiful, creative results are below.  

Centerpiece for Table or Mantle

Easily create a simple and beautiful centerpiece using a small grouping of our wintergreens.  

  1. Find a small, holiday container and tuck your wintergreens inside (use the eco-friendly option of chicken wire if you need to stabilize your wintergreens). 
  2. Start from the outside, layering in the different textures (if desired) and work your way in.  
  3. Place pinecones, winterberries, or other decorations to suit your decorative tastes.  
  4. Then, place a focal point in the center, like the clean white candle that @Lauren_Kowtko used. Simple, understated, and definitely elegant. 

Outdoor Containers

This lovely container by @SoilandMargaritas features a mixture of our fresh wintergreens, pinecones, winterberries, dried hydrangeas, and a DIY garden sphere inspired by Garden Answer. You can achieve this classic look within just a few hours. Simply watch this quick video of Laura from Garden Answer creating her DIY garden sphere and styling it in a container of wintergreens to get the inspiration and tips you need to create your own. 

Indoor DĂ©cor

@Becky.Cunningham.Home placed our wintergreens garland over an antique mirror and hung our undecorated wreath underneath to create this stunning feature wall of wintergreens. The natural wintergreens go with any style of decorating, but really pop off the neutral backdrop of Becky's home décor. Easily create your own stylish vignette by grouping multiples of our wintergreens items in a dedicated space to pull together a polished holiday look. 


Garden Party

@SoilandMargaritas creates a focal point and entryway with her newly decorated archway using our mixed wintergreens garland, winterberries, twinkle lights, and wooden ornament. The subtle beauty of these elements compliment the winter interest of her sleeping garden. Adding wintergreens to entryways, fences, arches, etc. will be a warm welcome as you stroll through your garden on a cold day to get a bit of fresh air. 

You can check out all of our wintergreens offerings here. 

Happy decorating! 🌲

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