Color Full® Feather Touch™ Prayer Plant (Calathea louisae)

Color Full® Feather Touch™ Prayer Plant (Calathea louisae)

Color Full® Feather Touch™ Prayer Plant (Calathea louisae)

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Height 12 - 36 in.

Add some color and personality to your home with the quirky Color Full® Feather Touch™ Prayer Plant. Its eye-catching green foliage, with a distinctive white center stripe, is sure to draw the attention of anyone in the room. 

  • 12-36 inches at maturity
  • Prefers high humidity with temperatures between 60-85 F to keep edges from browning
  • Requires medium to low light, near east/west facing windows or interior rooms
  • Great for humid and low light spaces

Care Information

  • Feed once per month at half strength when plant is actively growing.
  • They should not be watered with tap water, unless it has been filtered. Distilled water is a good option as well. The plants are sensitive to impurities and salts in tap water, which can cause leaf edges to burn.
  • Calathea also prefers to have moist, but not wet soils. If the soil gets too dry it can cause leaf curl, which is a symptom of dry soil. Water when the top inch or so of soil is dry. If your soil is very dry you may want to soak your pot in water until the soil is rehydrated. It can take half an hour or more to rehydrate the soil. Allow the pot to drain once the soil is moist through.
  • Do not allow the plant to sit in water over extended periods of time.
  • Add some perlite and/or orchid bark to help fluff up the potting mix and provide better drainage.
  • It will do best with high humidity. A pebble tray may help add humidity if needed, but a humidifier is a better option.


  • Houseplants are 8-12 inches tall at shipment, varies by season and plant
  • Houseplants are shipped with green seagrass container

*Disclaimer - Protect furniture when watering. Not for human or animal consumption. Harmful to pets*



  • Height: Medium
  • Height: 12 - 36 in.
  • Habit: Upright
  • Container Role: Thriller
  • Foliage Color: Green
  • Foliage Color: Purple
  • Foliage Color: White
  • Plant Type: HousePlant
  • Harmful to: Pets
  • Light Requirements: Medium to Low
  • Care Level: Extra Care
  • Humidity Level: High
  • Humidity Level: High to Medium
  • Humidity Level: Medium
  • Needs Drainage: Yes
  • Soil Type: Indoor Potting Soil

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