leafjoy littles™ Sea Stones Wax Vine (Hoya) - New Proven Winners® Product 2024

leafjoy littles™ Sea Stones Wax Vine (Hoya) - New Proven Winners® Product 2024

leafjoy littles™ Sea Stones Wax Vine (Hoya) - New Proven Winners® Product 2024

leafjoy littles™️ must be purchased in multiples of 4.
Mix and match any 4 of your favorites!
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Height12- 24 In
Introducing the New Proven Winners® leafjoy littles™! Available in irresistible 3.5-inch containers, leafjoy littles make it easier than ever to grow your love (and your collection!) of indoor plants. 

This is a must have! leafjoy littles™ Sea Stones Wax Vine (Hoya) - the perfect plant for those who can't resist variegation! Its succulent leaves range from yellow to green to even pink in the right light, and it may surprise you with dark pink waxy flowers. Keep the old flowers for even more blooms. Quirky and mesmerizing, it's a must-have for any plant lover.

  • 12-24 inches tall at maturity
  • Prefers high humidity with temperatures between 60-85 F
  • Requires medium to bright light, but no direct sun
  • Maintains best variegation when it gets the correct amount of indirect light
  • Great for desktops, humid and bright spaces
  • Foliage interest
  • Keep away from pets and children, toxic if ingested or consumed

Care Information

  • Temperature: For optimal performance, keep at 60-85°F (15-29°C).
  • Light: Medium to bright indirect light, Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Water: The soil media should never be soggy wet however it should be kept moist.
  • Humidity: Can tolerate some warm and drier environments but will thrive with higher humidity.
  • Growing: Feed once per month at half strength when plant is actively growing.


  • 3.5 in. Potted Houseplants are 2-5 in. tall at shipment, varies by season and plant
  • Must choose at least 4 leafjoy® littles™

*Disclaimer - Protect furniture when watering. Not for human or animal consumption, harmful to pets*



  • Height: Medium
  • Height: 12- 24 In
  • Habit: Spreading
  • Container Role: Spiller
  • Foliage Color: Green
  • Plant Type: HousePlant
  • Harmful to: Pets
  • Light Requirements: Medium to Low
  • Watering Requirements: Average
  • Humidity Level: High
  • Needs Drainage: Yes
  • Soil Type: Indoor Potting Soil

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