Proven Winners Fertilizers for Optimal Plant Growth

Your plants deserve to stand out. That is why we plant them, right? To enjoy their colorful blooms and foliage, to provide food for pollinators to maintain their habitats and ecosystems, and to put on a show that our friends, family, and neighbors can also enjoy. Giving your plants the fuel they need to really perform is the key to ensuring vigorous growth with brighter foliage and bountiful blooms. That is why consistently feeding your plants is so important, along with consistent watering. 

As such, our Continuous Release Fertilizer and our Water Soluble Fertilizer give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive all season long. Please read below to learn more about these nutrient-rich fertilizers and how to apply them for optimal plant growth. 

About Plant Fertilizers 

We label all our fertilizers with three numbers. These numbers represent the ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphate (P), and potassium (K). These ingredients are crucial for plants to stay healthy and well-fed. Nitrogen promotes foliage growth, phosphate encourages optimal root growth and flower production, and potassium enhances the plant's overall health by building disease resistance. For general needs, we recommend a fertilizer that has considerable amounts of nitrogen and low amounts of phosphate, such as Proven Winners-branded Water Soluble Fertilizer and Controlled Release Fertilizer.  

Proven Winners Continuous Release Fertilizer 

With a 15-7-15 NPK ratio, we designed our Continuous Release Fertilizer to maximize flowering and plant growth throughout the growing season. With multiple sources of Nitrogen for robust growth and color, along with Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, and all other vital micro-elements, this unique fertilizer feeds plants for six to eight weeks with just one application. In doing so, it delivers more nutrients during peak growing periods when the weather is the warmest and plants need food the most.  

How to Apply Continuous Release Fertilizer 

We recommend applying the Proven Winners Continuous Release Fertilizer in the soil right before you plant and again in mid-summer by mixing in with the topsoil at the base of your plants. The fertilizer will slowly feed your plants as the weeks pass by, yielding bigger and fuller flowers than if you simply watered them. We recommend using this alongside our Water Soluble Fertilizer, especially for those weeks when you are out of town on vacation or at work. 

For plants in containers, use the suggested application rates below (and provided on the back of the fertilizer container) to determine the right amount of Proven Winners Premium Continuous Release Plant Food to apply.  


Container Size (Diameter) 

4 inch 

6 inch 

8 inch 

10 inch 

18 inch 

24 inch 

Amount of plant food pellets (tablespoon provided) 

1 tbsp 

1.5 tbsp 

2 tbsp 

3 tbsp 

4 tbsp 

8 tbsp 


For landscape plants, use the rates from the chart above that corresponds with the container size you are planting. With container or cell pack sizes smaller than 4 inches, use a rate of 1/2 tablespoon (or the scoop provided) per plant. Again, you can add the fertilizer into the soil and mix before planting, or you can add it after planting by sprinkling the plant food evenly around the plants. Be sure to water thoroughly as your plants will need a boost of energy in their new home.  

Proven Winners Water Soluble Fertilizer 

With a unique 24-12-17 NPK formulation, our Water Soluble Fertilizer also includes the “EDDHA” form of iron, which allows plants to use iron efficiently at wide pH ranges, encouraging plants like Supertunia® Petunias and Superbells® Calibrachoa to stay green, full, and healthy throughout the growing season. This fast-acting and highly soluble formula starts feeding your plants immediately upon application and is perfect for container plants, hanging baskets, window boxes, landscape beds, and even indoor plants. 

How to Apply Water Soluble Fertilizer 

Using the scoop provided (equivalent to 1 tablespoon), apply one scoop for every 1 gallon of water. A typical watering can holds 2 gallons of water, which would need 2 scoops of Water Soluble Fertilizer for optimal results. Be sure to check the size of your watering can and add accordingly.  

First, put the fertilizer in the watering can. As you fill the can with water, the fertilizer will mix in as it dissolves, which is exactly what you want. You can also grab a mixing spoon or even a dowel to mix in your fertilizer thoroughly once you have added water. 

Once mixed, fully saturate the soil surrounding your plants with the fertilized water. For hanging baskets, water until it starts to drip from the bottom of the container since that means the entire reservoir is fully saturated. We recommend watering container and landscape plants with fertilizer once a week for optimal performance from your plants. 

And there you have it! These two fertilizing solutions give your plants the healthy nutrients they need to thrive throughout the growing season. For more information on growing the best plants on your block, check out our Garden Life Blog and Garden Resource Center for more!