Proven Winners Direct™ Zone Guide: Zones 12 and 13

Zones 12 and 13 are the warmest of the climate zones and can be found only in Hawaii and Puerto Rico. With an average minimum temperature of 50°F, heat tolerance should be one of the primary features considered when deciding what to plant in these zones. Just as with zones 10 and 11, container planting is a smart option. Doing so will allow plants to be moved from sunny areas to cooler, shaded locations. In addition to this, basing plant selection off what grows naturally in the local area is wise. 

We also highly recommend joining a local gardening group in-person or online, as recommendations from experienced local gardeners can provide a great basis of garden success.

If you’d like to learn more about gardening zones in general then be sure to check out our blog The Ultimate Guide to Plant Hardiness Zones.

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