Proven Winners Direct™ Zone Guide: Zone 8

Zone 8 can be found in 20 states and is primarily located in the southern portion of the country or slightly inland from the pacific coast. This zone experiences an extremely short period of frost, typically falling between mid to late November and mid to late March. The average coldest annual temperature falls between 10 to 20°F. A long growing season coupled with the chance for plants to go dormant for a short time allows for an incredible range of options for any gardener who calls this zone their home.

Like any zone, frost dates will vary slightly from year to year. It’s important to check the Old Farmer’s Almanac for more accurate weather predictions for the current year.

Like other zones that fall close to the middle of the scale, a great many plants will thrive in zone 8. With that being said, the pacific region of this zone and the southern region of it still have different characteristics. Be sure to check other featured information of a plant (light exposure, heat tolerance, etc.). before buying to ensure the best possible growing experience. 

See our list below for some zone 8 planting recommendations.

  • Superbena® Stormburst is both tolerant and attractive, displaying perfect white and lavender blooms atop dark green foliage. It's mounding/ trailing habit makes it a great front-of-garden choice, but it’s also a wonderful option for containers.

  • The Vermillionaire® Large Firecracker Plant stands out. Vase-shaped blooms of yellow and red prove quite attractive to hummingbirds, and a heat-tolerant nature allows for front and center placement.

  • Happy Jack® Purple Clematis is a great choice for elevating any fence or trellis. It’s light and wispy, with soft and bright purple blooms. It’s also great for maintaining its looks all summer long! 

Annuals are always a fantastic way to expand your choice of plants, and you can try new varieties each year. If they’re planted between frost dates, most should fair just fine for the length of the growing season. However, it’s always important to consider your particular garden conditions. Hours of sunlight, soil conditions, and other factors will greatly impact how a plant preforms.

For a complete list of plants that are suitable for zone 8, click here! If you’d like to learn more about gardening zones in general then be sure to check out our blog The Ultimate Guide to Plant Hardiness Zones.

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