Proven Winners Direct™ Zone Guide: Zone 6

One of the largest gardening zones, zone 6 can be found in 37 states. The winters are comparatively mild, with an average coldest temperature between zero to -10°F. It’s generally considered to have a medium to long growing season, with the spring frost ending in early to mid-April and not returning until mid to late October.

Like any zone, frost dates will vary slightly from year to year. It’s important to check the Old Farmer’s Almanac for more accurate weather predictions for the current year.

Being a milder zone, the list of perennials and shrubs that will thrive in zone 6 is rather long. Some of our favorites include the varieties listed below!

  • Pugster® Pinker™ Butterfly Bush is a rather compact bush that blooms with clumps of rich pink flowers atop leafy-green foliage. It’ll fit almost anywhere you need a spot of color, attract pollinators, and look great while doing so!

  • Wee Bit Grumpy® Bigleaf Hydrangea is a reblooming hydrangea that produces clumps of tightly packed flowers sat on small, deep-green foliage. It’s extremely hardy, and even offers different color variations based on soil acidity.

Annuals are always a fantastic way to expand your choice of plants, and you can try new varieties each year. If they’re planted between frost dates, most should fair just fine for the length of the growing season. However, it’s always important to consider your particular garden conditions. Hours of sunlight, soil conditions, and other factors will greatly impact how a plant preforms.

For a complete list of plants that are suitable for zone 6, click here! If you’d like to learn more about gardening zones in general then be sure to check out our blog The Ultimate Guide to Plant Hardiness Zones.

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