Proven Winners Direct™ Zone Guide: Zone 10


Zone 10 lines up with some of the warmest areas of the country, appearing in California, Florida, and Hawaii. The coldest average annual temperature falls between 30 to 40°F, making this zone ideal for winter gardening and for plants that absolutely love the heat. Zone 10 has no frost dates, but it’s still important keep up to date with the weather should anything unusual happen.

Plants that thrive in zone 10 are often those that don’t mind the heat. Tropical species are common choices for sunny areas, as are moveable containers that can be easily placed in sun or shade. Despite the heat, zone 10 has a wide range of well-suited options.

For some of our favorite zone 10 plants, take a look at the list below!


  • Silver Falls™ Dichondra is sure to amaze anyone, garden expert or not. Ideal in baskets and planters for its strong trailing habit, it’s a favorite of ours for how eye-catching it is. It’s also heat and drought tolerant, making it a good choice in a warmer zone like this one.


  • ColorBlaze® El Brighto provides warm, autumnal color all season long. It’s highly adaptable for such a mix of colors, being a great choice in beds or as a thriller in containers. It can even be grown indoors! Wherever it is, it’s sure to impress.


  • Superbells® Tropical Sunrise is ready to make any area feel like a beach. Warm, sunset-colored tones bloom all season long. Its heat tolerance and tendency to attract hummingbirds make it a great choice for just about any bed.

For a complete list of plants that are suitable for zone 10, click here! If you’d like to learn more about gardening zones in general then be sure to check out our blog The Ultimate Guide to Plant Hardiness Zones.

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