How To Get the BEST Blooms This Summer 🌻

To get the best blooms from your plants this summer, check out the tips below and see if your plants can get more blooms from applying them to your plant care routine:

1) Check your light. For example, just because your plants are on the south side of your home, doesn't mean they're getting full sun. Be aware of items that could be shading your plants, such as: overhangs on your house, large screening trees (with long shadows), nearby out buildings, and other objects near your plants. If needed, consider transplanting a struggling plant to a better location.

2) Fertilize your annual plants. Your plants are continuously using nutrients in the soil to make those big, beautiful blooms for you to enjoy. Replenish those nutrients with plant food. We recommend our Proven Winners Premium Water Soluble Plant Food applied approximately once per week. Super simple to mix, one scoop per one gallon of water. It's that easy!

3) Deadhead spent blooms. Many of our Proven Winners® plants will "bury their dead" so you don't have to deadhead, but not all plants do. By deadheading spent blooms you redirect the plant's energy into supporting new blooms. And, it's really relaxing, like a physical meditation garden therapy session! Use clean scissors or snips and deadhead often for best results.

4) Water consistently. You probably know water is important, but the consistency with which you water is also important. Plants that receive inconsistent water are more likely to be stressed. You know how you feel when you're stressed. It takes a toll on your physical health. It's the same for plants. Try to water deeply on a consistent schedule. Check out our Proven Winners WaterWise® Irrigation Kit to help you get the job done regularly and faster.

Happy gardening! 🌿


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