Sustainable Gardening with Proven Winners® Eco+Grande™

Protecting the environment is on our minds. As home gardeners, practicing sustainable gardening is a considerable way to reduce our carbon footprint and give plants a healthy environment to thrive through the years.

That is why we’re introducing Proven Winners® Eco+Grande. This compostable garden container reduces the need for single-use plastic, while also giving your plants organic nutrients built right into the walls of the container. Read more to find out why this option is perfect for the gardener who wants to implement earth-friendly practices in their home gardening 

What materials are in the Eco+Grande?
The Proven Winners Eco+Grande is made of PLA which stands for polylactic acid. PLA is made of starchy renewable plants like corn, switchgrass and sugar beets that are grown in the United States. With plant nutrients like phosphorus, calcium and nitrogen built right into the walls of the container, the Eco+Grande breaks them down and releases them directly into the plant roots to encourage more growth. This mechanism guarantees less waste while feeding your plants right away.

How does the Eco+Grande Break Down?

The compostable pots break down through a mixture of heat and moisture. Once exposed, the PLA will continue to get smaller and smaller until microbes will consume them and turn them back into organic matter 

Because of this, we recommend planting them as soon possible as the process will immediately start upon exposure to heat. Be sure to water your plant to encourage the composting mechanism and releasing of plant food to encourage more growth.  

With a plant container made from plants, earth-friendly gardening just got a whole lot easier. We are thrilled to offer these containers as a great alternative for sustainable gardening and reduce the need for single-use plastics in the gardening industry. 

If you’re interested in purchasing an Eco+Grande container while shopping for your favorite Proven Winners plants, just select the Eco+Grande option to add to your cart. Click here to look at the plants we offer in the Eco+Grande container and practice sustainable gardening right away.

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