spend $100 and receive $20 gift card! | FREE Shipping $45+

spend $100 and receive $20 gift card! | FREE Shipping $45+

Gift Guide for Gardeners 🎁🌿

December 18, 2020

Not sure what to get the gardener in your life this holiday season? Give the gifts gardeners want and need! We've made it easy for you to find the perfect gift* below with our recommendations based on the type of gardener you're buying for. As a rule of thumb with gardeners, you can never have too many plants. And, if you're a gardener and want to be gifted any of the below, forward this guide to your friends and family. 😉 




Seeds are great for those who wish to grow their own fruits and vegetables in the summer months. You can start seeds in seed trays, or direct sow them into the ground after the last frost. For seed starting or direct sowing, check out our new collection of seeds, Proven Harvest™ from Proven Winners® available now. 

Grow your own healthy, flavorful food with these high yielding and great tasting veggies and berries: 

Berried TreasureÂŽ Red Strawberry
Berried TreasureÂŽ Pink Strawberry
Berried TreasureÂŽ White Strawberry
Fire Away™ 'Hot and Heavy' Hot Pepper
Tempting Tomatoes™ 'Garden Gem'
Tempting Tomatoes™ 'Garden Treasure'
Tempting Tomatoes™ 'Goodhearted'


Fertilizers and Soil
For the serious gardeners, who are seriously practical, help them stock up on fertilizers and soil to help support and feed all those healthy plants and beautiful blooms they'll enjoy next year.

Premium Continuous Release Plant Food (Fertilizer)
Premium Water Soluble Plant Food (Fertilizer)
Premium All Purpose Potting Soil

Irrigation System

For the gardener who has so many plants but so little time, gift them our easy DIY irrigation system. The kit contains everything you need to water up to 10 potted plants from a single faucet!

Kit includes:

-100 ft. of vinyl tubing
-10 pressure compensating drippers
-10 barbed tees
-3 barbed crosses
-10 white nail clamps
-1 faucet adapter
-10 support stakes
-1 back flow prevention valve

Shop here: WaterWiseŽ Drip Irrigation System

Home Garden Success Kits 

Interested in getting someone a little bit of everything? We offer five different Home Garden Success kits to ensure easy, successful gardening for every home gardener. Each kit is unique as they range in focus from planting, watering, feeding and overall garden care. Featured here is our Thrive Kit: 

his all-in-one kit will provide your gardener’s plants with optimal growing conditions all season long! Use Proven Winners Soil formulated for the perfect start, whether in the landscape or containers, then add our Water Soluble Fertilizer & Continuous Time Release Fertilizer to boost their growth throughout the season. Top it off with our WaterWise Irrigation System to effortlessly ensure plants are getting the perfect amount of water while your loved one sits back and enjoys their beautiful, thriving garden. 

Check out all of our Home Gardening Success Kits here. 


Proven Winners Direct Gift Cards

eGift Cards with Virtual Greeting Card
For the gardener who plans ahead or shops last minute, our egift cards are a great idea. Use on pre-orders to secure plants for spring or shop whenever the mood strikes.

Our new egift cards offer a fun and customizable experience:

-Choose the gift amount with beautiful artwork
-Personalize your message
-Choose the date you want them to receive it (like Christmas Day! 🎄)

When you give a Proven Winners Direct™ egift card, a virtual card is sent to the recipients email inbox. They watch it open like a real card and click through to the website. Personal and easy!

$25 Gift Card
$50 Gift Card
$100 Gift Card

For more ideas to get you brainstorming, check out Garden Answer's Holiday Gift Guide below.

*Orders are not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

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