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9 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

March 05, 2021

 The temperatures are rising, the snow is melting, and the sun is setting a little later each day. You know what that means, right? Spring is coming! And before the rush of planting begins, here are nine things you can do to get your garden ready. Just be sure to hold off on your spring garden clean up until daytime temperatures are consistently in the 50s


Cut back any perennials that you didn't cut in the fall, trim semi-evergreen perennials, like coral bells, and prune shrubs as needed. Shrubs that need to be pruned in spring include hydrangeas, butterfly bushes, roses of Sharon, and roses. Prune just above a node and remove dead branches from shrubs when new leaves are budding.


Move any shrubs or perennials that you want to move and replant. As long as the ground in workable, it's best to do this before plants break dormancy so they can wake up in their new home.


Remove any leaves leftover from fall or that you were using as mulch. Be careful not to do this too early because exposing new perennial growth to frost could damage it. 


Start weeding early to get a jump start. For more info, check out this blog post.


Clean up any landscape or garden bed borders so you have fresh lines come planting time.


Before the rush of spring planting starts it's a great idea to decide on any irrigation you'd like to set up, like WaterWise® Drip Irrigation. It will save you so much time and energy all season. You can learn about different types of irrigation in this blog post.

Stock Up

Now is the time to stock up on soil, mulch, fertilizers, and anything else that can be stored in your garage for awhile. This will help spread out your gardening budget. For more ways to budget, check out this blog post.

Take Inventory

Look through all of your garden tools and containers to decide if you need to replace, fix, or add to your collection. You can also use this time to sharpen and clean tools, clean containers, and organize everything. Check out this video to learn how to clean and sharpen tools.


Late spring is the perfect time to apply Continuous Release Plant Food to shrubs and perennials, especially younger, less established plants. This will slowly feed them throughout the season giving them a great jump start.

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