2021 Gardener Gift Guide

To help you stay ahead in your holiday shopping, we've put together a list of the best gifts you can buy for the gardeners in your life! This is an opportunity to really "wow" your favorite gardener by giving them the tools they need to have an easy, efficient, and successful gardening experience. We’ve also added a few of our favorite holiday décor items that are sustainably sourced and handmade right here in Michigan. This gives anyone who loves the outdoors a chance to bring fresh wintergreens inside to enjoy. They can even get creative by DIYing with any of our wreaths, mixed wintergreen bundles, and garlands!  

Check out the best gifts for your gardener below! 

Proven Selections® Wreath 

Delight the gardener you love with a freshly-scented holiday wreath to adorn their home all season long. With nine varieties to choose from, these handmade wreaths bring holiday comfort and joy to any room or outdoor space. 

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Twist ‘N Plant® Gardening Auger 

Give the gift of easy gardening with our smooth digging gardening augers. Whether your gardener focuses on smaller annuals and bulbs, or larger perennials and shrubs, we have three options to make sure their experience is effortless and successful! 

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Proven Selections® Mixed Bundle 

For the friend or family member who loves holiday decorating and DIY! Give the gift of creative freedom with our Mixed Wintergreens Bundle from which they can create stunning holiday arrangements throughout their home this season. 

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Waterwise® Drip Irrigation System 

Make sure your gardener never has to worry about watering their potted plants and hanging baskets with this innovative solution. With 100 feet of tubing and the opportunity to add more drippers, one Drip Irrigation System can water up to 30 pots! 

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Proven Selections® Swag 

Is your gardener unique and creative? Consider buying them swags of live, mixed greens to add their own twist of holiday joy! These versatile decorations can be DIY'd and go perfectly on doors, mantles, walls, and more! The use of swag is only limited to the imagination! 

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Proven Harvest™ Seeds 

Give the gift of an edible garden with Proven Harvest seeds ranging from our line of Tempting Tomatoes™ to Berried Treasure® Everlasting Strawberries and more! As great stocking stuffers, you'll get your gardener off to a tasty, delectable start for their 2022 garden season. 

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Display beautiful flowers anywhere and make it easy on your gardener with the best in self-watering containers! With stylish ceramic planters and new self-watering technology, your gardener will go from watering their plants daily to bi-weekly or even monthly! 

Check out our beautiful and durable AquaPots here! 

Home Garden Success Bloom Kit 

Let's get your gardener started off on the right foot with a bag of Proven Winners® Premium All Purpose Potting Soil, a WaterWise® Drip Irrigation System, and Proven Winners® Water Soluble Fertilizer. This kit includes everything your gardener needs for an easy and successful 2022 garden season! 

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Proven Winners® Seed-Starting Kits 

Guarantee a thriving edible garden for your gardener with our NEW Seed-Starting Eco-Pots! With plant nutrients and food built right into the pot, these compostable seed-starters are ideal for germinating and transplanting edible plants. Plant the pots right into the soil when they are ready and your gardener will have a bountiful harvest next summer. 

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Proven Winners® Fertilizers 

The benefits of fertilizing plants are dramatic! Make sure your gardener has the biggest, most colorful blooms on the block by giving them Proven Winners® Water Soluble Fertilizer and Proven Winners Premium Continuous Release Plant Food. These simple gifts will make a big difference for your favorite gardener’s landscape! 

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Home Garden Success Thrive Kit 

If you want to really impress your gardener, then look no further than our Thrive Kit. It has everything they need to set up an easy but flourishing garden including Proven Winners® Premium All Purpose Potting Soil, 1.5 cu. ft., Proven Winners® WaterWise® Drip Irrigation System, Proven Winners® WaterWise Kit Tubing 100ft, Proven Winners® Water Soluble Fertilizer 2.5lbs, Proven Winners® Continuous Time Release Fertilizer 2.5lbs. 

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Proven Winners Direct Gift Card 

Everyone loves the chance to pick out their favorite plant and garden supplies, so why not let your favorite gardener shop our site with a Proven Winners Direct Gift Card? Nothing is off limits, so your gardener will have the whole site to shop for anything they want! 

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