Your Guide to Successful Supertunia® Petunias

As your favorite Proven Winners annual, Supertunia® Petunias are vigorous flowering plants that love the sun and warm weather. They are a perfect addition to any garden container as a spiller or filler and can fill out any landscape space as they consistently produce blooms from spring all the way to your first frost.  

As such, you want to give your petunias the best care to ensure consistent blooming, spreading and filling out of the plant. That is why we are giving you exactly what they need to thrive in the summer heat and all the way to fall. Read below to set yourself up for success with Supertunias this season and beyond.  

Supertunia Petunias need consistent watering. 

Depending on your zone and where you live, you may find your Supertunia Petunias need more water than what the natural weather is giving them. The key with Supertunia success is in consistent watering. Therefore, create a schedule that works for you and stick to it. If you feel your petunias need it, simply add a few more watering times to your routine in the week to give them more energy. Supertunia Petunias love to dry out in between watering, so keep a close eye on what is working for your flowers. Once you have a consistent routine that your plants are thriving in, you will notice healthier, fuller blooms on your Supertunia Petunias.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind while creating a schedule for watering: 

  • Supertunia Petunias in garden pots or containers need more frequent watering. 
  • It is harder for petunias to bounce back from inconsistent water, no matter how often you decide to water them. Going from too much water to too little water is something they may not be able to handle. 
  • As the summer progresses, your plants will absolutely need more water from the heat and dry air. 
  • Spring and fall usually mean less watering for your plants. Just stay consistent with a weekly watering, if needed.  

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They love extra food and nutrients. 

Supertunia Petunias really perform their best when they are consistently fertilized with added nutrients. This is especially true if you are not seeing many blooms on your petunias, or the foliage and stems look weak. A sure way to help them thrive is to feed them every third watering for a few weeks. This will ensure your petunias are getting the minerals and nutrients they need to become bigger and lusher.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind for feeding your plants: 

  • Supertunia Petunias in garden containers need to be fertilized at least every week since they have a limited amount of nutrients and soil available in the container.  
  • Landscape petunias will do well with fertilizing every one to two weeks, but we recommend weekly for best results. 
  • Plan to fertilize more as the weather gets hot in late July and August, but once the fall hits you can cut back on feeding your plants.  

We recommend adding our Water-Soluble Fertilizer that includes EDDHA

iron. This allows plants to use iron efficiently at wide pH ranges, encouraging our Supertunia Petunias to stay green, full, and healthy throughout the growing season. 

Give your Supertunia Petunias a trim. 

Especially in the mid-summer, Supertunias enjoy a little trim here and there. This rejuvenates the plant so it can grow back stronger and fuller. You can usually get away with just one trimming in the summer, but if your plant is looking especially long and leggy, you can give it a trim more often. Just be sure to cut off a little bit at a time, as too much trimming will be too stressful. 

Here are a few things to note about trimming your petunias: 

-It is important to only cut about 20% of the entire plant, as petunias do not need a lot of trimming to benefit from the trim. 

-Overall, mid-summer is a really great time to give your Supertunia Petunias a trim even if they do not seem like they need it.  

-Though a trim may cause your petunias to stop blooming for a few days, this rejuvenates the plants as the temperatures start to riseDo not worry, they will bounce back stronger than ever before.  

Make sure your plants receive an ample amount of sunlight a day. 

These flowers are perfect for those sunny areas of your garden that get really hot! If your Supertunia Petunias are not receiving enough sunlight, they will not grow as much as they should. This is because they need the sun’s nutrients to produce more flowers, since growing requires a lot of energy. Thus, it is extremely important for them to be planted in full sun. 

Here are a few tips to planting Supertunia Petunias in the sun: 

  • Do not be afraid to place them in a southern-facing, full-sun area of your landscape or garden. They will absolutely love all the sun you give if you are complimenting it with consistent water and added nutrients from a fertilizer.  
  • Be sure to give them at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. 
  • Check to see if the plants are blocked by shadeother plants, or other objects. It might help to move them to a sunnier location if your petunias are not growing fast or have fewer flowers than expected. 

Supertunia Petunias are a favorite for a reason. They grow prolifically throughout the season and add such beautiful color to containers and landscape gardens. Usually, they do not need too much attention, but depending on your climate and weather conditions, a little help from you can go a long way. For more gardening tips like this, head over to our Garden Resource Center and Garden Blog