Why AquaPots are the Perfect Container for Any Outdoor Space

No matter where you live, container gardening is a wonderful way to bring more plants and flowers into your outdoor living space. Whether you have an apartment patio, a quaint front porch, or a sprawling outdoor terrace, container gardens can liven up any space. 

Because of a container’s unique versatility when it comes to home gardening, Proven Winners partnered with renowned landscape architect Jack Barnwell to create an innovative experience in AquaPots. This self-watering container is an incredible solution for anyone who wishes to spend less time tending to their garden and more time enjoying it.  

Read below to find out why AquaPots are the perfect container for any outdoor space. 

1. The self-watering technique saves you time, energy, and is environmentally friendly! 

AquaPots are made up of two reservoirs: one for water and another for holding

soil. With its easy-to-assemble components, all you need to do is twist the soil tube into the disc insert and place them both into the container. Then you pour water into the water tube that leads to the water reservoir. Every drop of water you pour into the reservoir gets used by the plants, so you no longer are wasting water as you spray the hose on your plants and patio. 

This innovative design drastically reduces the need to water your plants as well. The smallest AquaPots will water your plants for up to one week in most summer conditions. For the larger, Professional Series, your AquaPots can last up to one month between watering. Now, you no longer need to worry about watering your plants every day!  

These containers will save you time, energy, and stress, especially when you go on summer vacation or are away for work. What is more, AquaPots use only 25% of the amount of water used by other containers. This is the perfect solution for those who do not always have the time to water and tend to their plants, and for anyone who wishes to reduce their water usage overall.  

2. Homemade, high-quality designs compliment any landscape, patio, or porch setting. 

With dozens of unique designs, color, and textures, AquaPots can increase your curb appeal and overall aesthetic of any gardening space. Container planting certainly lends itself to the creative gardener who enjoys the design aspect of plant arranging, and but so do AquaPots!  

You can mix and match multiple containers to create that one-of-a-kind garden look you would like to achieve, and pair it with complimentary plants! AquaPots add another level of refined colors and unprecedented finishes, so you can be sure your garden space sets the trend, keeping it modern, fresh, and beautiful.

3. These durable planters will keep your plants healthy and safe all season long, and for many years to come. 

AquaPots have been time tested and perform flawlessly in gardens across North America. The process of curing the clay at ultra-high temperatures and using only the highest quality, purest clay which is free of impurities, allows AquaPots to withstand high and low temperature extremes.  

These quality components will keep the integrity of AquaPots intact, so they can be reused year after year. You simply can empty and clean out the AquaPot at the end of the season and flip it upside down until you are ready to plant again! 

If you are ready to bring the beauty and ease AquaPots offer to home gardeners, you can check them out here, at Proven Winners Direct. For more information on gardening tips and plant advice, check out more on our Garden Life Blog and Garden Resource Center! 

Pictured AquaPots: Smooth White, Techno Matte Black, Chevron Eggplant