Part 2: Meet the 2023 Proven Winners® Recipes of the Year!

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the beauty of a plant on its own, one of the great thrills of gardening is exploring how different plants can be arranged together to create something new. Much like paint on canvas- the right mix of colors, textures, and shapes can blend into a captivating work of art.

With that being said, we know how much time and research goes into creating the perfect basket. Not knowing if a combination is going to turn out as expected can be a nerve-wracking process to say the least. 

For those in search of tried-and-true combinations that amaze and inspire, this list is for you. Professional-grade combinations have never been easier! 

Acapulco Sun

Proven Winners Acapulco Sun Combination

‘Acapulco Sun’ is a lush mix of textures that mimics beams of morning sun casting color onto a secluded tropical paradise. Peaches, pinks, and reddish oranges blend flawlessly to create a combination that relaxes and inspires, regardless of how far you are from the beaches of Mexico.

Comprised of: 

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Misty Seas

Proven Winners Misty Seas Combination

‘Misty Seas’ is a Supertunia Mini Vista® combination that boasts a mix of crème and lavender toned flowers overflowing from a cluster of bright green stems. For an added touch of texture and color that makes this lively combination even more dynamic, consider adding the Graceful Grasses® Blue Mohawk® Soft Rush! 

Comprised of:  

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Rockin’ Rush

Proven Winners Rockin Rush Combination

‘Rockin’ Rush’ is an energetic, color-packed combination that can’t help but draw attention. Spheres of white blooms provide a great backdrop for the yellow and purple flowers dotted about. Thin, dark green foliage provides a bushy and unified look while occasionally poking through the many petals that this combination offers.  

Comprised of: 

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Heartfelt Wonder

Proven Winners Heartfelt Wonder Caladium Combination

What do you get when you cross the deep fire-red leaves of the Heart to Heart® 'Scarlet Flame' Caladium with the eggshell white foliage of the Heart to Heart® 'White Wonder' Caladium? You get the ‘Heartfelt Wonder’, of course! 

Striking colors and the ability to thrive both indoors and outside give this combination a unique versatility that can’t be beaten. After all, who doesn’t love some colorful and unique foliage?  

Comprised of: 

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