Heart to Heart Christmas Caladium™

A new holiday season brings new holiday traditions! Heart to Heart Christmas Caladium puts a fresh and modern spin on holiday plants. With colorful and lush foliage to complement your decorations, these beautiful plants will make your holiday displays light up with vibrant reds and greens – perfect for celebrating the season! 

For gardeners all around the country, you can enjoy Christmas Caladiums indoors with just a few simple care tips to help you along the way.

Caladium decorated with candy canes.

Where to put your Christmas Caladium™ 

First, be sure to place your caladiums in a room that gets natural sunlight streaming through. Just make sure there is no direct sunlight hitting your plant. It is ideal the plant gets indirect light, meaning there is something the light must go through before it reaches the caladium. This could be a sheer curtain, a piece of furniture, another plant sitting beside it, or even a tree just outside your window that is filtering the light.  

Caladiums also prefer warm, humid conditions. The temperature should stay above 65 degrees wherever you keep your caladium. It will also enjoy a weekly misting or plant humidifier to keep things moist and cozy for the plant.  

How long can I expect this plant to grow indoors? 

If placed in the conditions above, you can enjoy these caladiums indoors for quite a while. Since it is a tuber, it will need to go through a period of dormancy as part of their natural growth cycle. This means that after a few months of enjoying your caladium indoors, it will drop its leaves and hibernate. The good news is that some gardeners may have success storing the tuber in dry soil for the remainder of winter (and some spring) to plant back up when the weather warms.  

Transitioning caladiums outdoors in the spring 

As the caladiums begin to emerge from dormancy, you’ll notice multiple sprouts. Begin watering and transition to a brighter space. When the leaves have flushed out and the outdoor temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees, it will be safe to plant the tubers outside. This allows you to enjoy these caladiums not just for the holiday season, but for 2023 as well!

Warm climates can also enjoy these modern holiday plants outdoors!

For plant parents in warmer climates, you have the added option to enjoy our Christmas Caladiums outdoors for an added touch of holiday cheer to your outdoor decorations!

Choose between standout, single caladium plantings or a kaleidoscope of colors in a combination planting!

Combinations, along with the mono plantings of caladiums, will thrive on your back patio, front porch, walkways, or in any spot that receives part shade to full shade outdoors. Caladiums like to stay moist, so avoid letting them dry out and they will be just fine! 

Ready to do something different this holiday season? Extend your love for gardening beyond the fall season with these one-of-a-kind plants. You can shop any of our Christmas Caladiums here (link) and we will ship them right to your door! We can’t wait to see your holiday decorations lit up with natural, beautiful foliage!