pre-order wintergreens 25% off! | FREE Shipping $45+

pre-order wintergreens 25% off! | FREE Shipping $45+

Proven Harvest® Berries Delight Seeds Collection

    Wintergreens ship 11/22-11/26. All other products ship now. Orders placed today will ship Monday

    Full Sun
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    Enjoy a variety of strawberries with the Berries Delight Seeds Collection. It includes 1 packet of each of the 3 Berried Treasure® varieties:

    For more information about each plant, click on the links above.

    Each packet contains 15 seeds.

    Store seeds in a cool, dry area until ready for use.

    Due to USPS shipping delays, it may take 2+ weeks for seeds to arrive.



      • Hardiness Zones: 10 11
      • Habit:
      • Foliage Color: Green
      • Bloom Time: Planting To Hard Frost
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