Mother's Day Bouquet- 30 Second Planter™ | New to Proven Winners Direct™


Mother's Day Bouquet- 30 Second Planter™ | New to Proven Winners Direct™

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Full Sun
Part Sun
Height12- 24 In Height24- 30 In
Spread24 - 36 In
Current Location:

Create beauty in the blink of an eye with the new Proven Winners® 30 Second Planters! These 10-inch pre-planted container recipes were created so that gardeners of every type can plant quicker and with more confidence.

This combo includes:  Supertunia Mini Vista White (2), Summer Wave Large Violet wishbone flower (2), Superbena Violet Ice (2) and Angelface Wedgewood Blue Summer angelonia (1).

How 30 Second Planters Work in Containers
Looking to fill your patio containers with beautiful blooms? Pick up as many 10-inch diameter 30 Second Planters as you'd like, then pair them up with your decorative containers of similar size. Simply set the branded container down in your decorative one. Fluff, then enjoy! That's how container gardening is done in 30 seconds or less.

Are your decorative containers larger than the 10-inch 30 Second Planters? Simply slip the root ball out of the pot and transplant the entire thing into your larger container. This is also a good route to take if you garden where the growing season is long, as it will give the roots more room to grow over an extended period. 

Using 30 Second Planters in the Landscape
Annuals are perfect for adding a bright pop of color to the landscape, and our sizable 10-inch diameter 30 Second Planters make quick work of providing instant impact. Simply dig a 10 to 12-inch hole, slip the root ball out of the branded container and set it so that the top of the root ball is flush with the natural soil level. Firm up the soil around the plants and water them to eliminate any gaps around the roots. You're done! 

Care: Plant in part to full sun. Fertilize weekly with Proven Winners Water Soluble Plant Food for best growth and color. These extra applications of plant food really make a difference in performance through the summer! If your plants begin to look open or a bit tired, an allover trim can be beneficial. Use a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears to trim back up to 1/3 of the volume of the plant. Pair any trim with a dose of water soluble fertilizer to provide instant energy to help kickstart new growth, branching and flowering. Your plants will take about a week to recover from the trim, but the end result is a fuller plant with more blooms to last throughout the season!

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  • Attracts Pollinators
  • Heat Tolerant


  • Height: 12- 24 In
  • Height: 24- 30 In
  • Spread: 24 - 36 In
  • Habit: Mounded Trailing
  • Bloom Color: Blue
  • Bloom Color: Purple
  • Bloom Color: White
  • Foliage Color: Green
  • Bloom Time: Planting To Hard Frost
  • Plant Type: Annual
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