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Oh, Deer?! šŸ¦Œ

October 22, 2020

Deer can beĀ a big nuisanceĀ for some gardeners. While no plant is deer-proof many of our plants are less palatable for these furry critters. Check out the whole list here.

'Miss Molly' Butterfly Bush

BloomerangĀ® Dark Purple Lilac

SprinterĀ® Boxwood

Magenta ChiffonĀ® Rose of Sharon

'Scentsation' Honeysuckle

WinecraftĀ® GoldĀ Smokebush

Spilled WineĀ® Weigela

Double Play DoozieĀ® Spirea

ScentlandiaĀ® Sweetspire

Goldilocks Creeping Jenny

Plants that deer do not like to eat:

  • Poisonous plants
  • Fragrant plants
  • Plants with thorns
  • Plants with bristly or fuzzy textures

*Try planting deer-resistant plants along the borders of your flower bed and plants that need more protection toward the middle to help keep deer at bay.

Products that can help deter deer:

Taste-Based Repellents: This most often includes sprays applied directly onto plants that make them less tasty for deer. This tends to wash away in the rain and will need to be applied regularly. A great option if you still like to see deer but don't want them to eat your plants.

Scented Repellents: Deer can smell 1/4 of a mile away or more so scented repellents fool deer into thinking a predator is nearby. They likely won't come near your garden like they would when taste-based repellents are used.Ā A great option if you'd prefer not to have deer in the area at all.

Deer-Frightening Repellents: In an effort to scare deer away, these devices can include motion sensors, trigger a sprinkler system, and much more. Think of it as a scarecrow, but with sound or movement. Another great option if you'd prefer not to have deer in your yard at all.

Physical Barriers: Walls, fences, or other barriers can be built or installed to block access to your property. If you go this route keep in mindĀ that deer can easily jump about 10 feet.


Many deer repellent products are available online and at garden centers. We recommend starting small to see what works for your area. AndĀ check out our whole list of deer-resistant plantsĀ here.

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